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Can I challenge a friend online?

Yes, you can challenge a friend online by navigating to the "challenge" page on the platform.

Enter equations that you want to challenge your friend.

Note: It is important to follow the order of operations correctly when entering equations for a challenge to ensure that the solution is accurate and fair.

Select the number of attempts that your friend has to guess the equation.

This feature allows you to customize the difficulty of the challenge based on your skill levels and preferences.

Tips: if your friend is an expert in math, you can set the number of attempts to be lower, making the guessing more challenging.

Alternatively, if he/she is a beginner, you can set a higher number of attempts to give your friend more chances to guess the equation.

Set the challenge time from the dropdown, which is optional.

By default challenge time is infinite. This feature allows you to add an element of time pressure to the challenge, making it more competitive.

Click on the "Generate Challenge" button and copy the link by clicking on the copy icon in the popup, or you can use other options such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter

How does leaderboard ranking work?

In Nerdle game, the leaderboard ranking is calculated based on the points earned by a user in each challenge. There are two ways of securing points in Nerdle game:


In the daily game, players earn a maximum of 30 points for each challenge. The criteria for getting points in the daily challenge are dependent on the modes of the game.

  • Daily Easy Mode: 10
  • Daily Medium Mode: 20
  • Daily Hard Mode: 30

In the classic game, users can earn a maximum of 5 points for each game played. The points can be distributed on the base of the difficulty level of the challenge.

  • Classic Easy Mode: 2
  • Classic Medium Mode: 3
  • Classic Hard Mode: 5

The total points earned by a user by guessing daily and classic equations correctly are used to calculate their ranking on the leaderboard. Therefore, the higher the points earned, the higher the user’s rank on the leaderboard.

How can I level up?

Leveling up generally refers to progressing to a higher level of achievement, skill, or knowledge in a particular area.

To level up in Nerdle game, players need to collect a total of 100 points by correctly guessing the daily and classic challenged equations with fewer attempts.

The daily challenge is updated regularly, so players have the chance to earn points on a daily basis by playing the daily and classic games regularly.

To guess the equation, players need to use their analytical and problem-solving skills to determine the correct answer within a limited number of attempts.

Note:To guess the equation, you can take hints after the first attempt. Keep in mind, not to use those operations or integers present in grey boxes.

As players collect more points, their user Level increases, which indicates their overall skill and achievement in the game. So, to level up in Nerdle game, players need to consistently and accurately guess challenged equations to earn points and increase their user level.

How to view recent games status?

In Nerdle game, you can check your recent game status by visiting the statistics page. Once you're in the nerdlegame, look for a link labeled "Statistics".

By clicking on the statistics page, you'll be taken to a page that displays your recent game status, including your game play, win count, win percentage, max streak, and other relevant information.

How does Difficulty level work?

The Nerdle game provides users with three different difficulty levels to choose from

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

These levels are designed for users of different skill levels, from beginners to experienced gamers.

1. Easy Mode

In the easy mode of the Nerdle game, the primary objective is to help new players who may not have much experience with the game genre or find the game's default difficulty level too challenging. This mode aims to make the game easier to play by increasing the colors of cells to give more hints to the player in guessing the correct equations.

The colors used in this mode are red, green, and gray, which represent the position accuracy of a single character.

  • The green color indicates that the character is in the right position.
  • The red color suggests that the character is included in the equation but is in the wrong place.
  • The gray color means that the character is not included in the equation.

However, playing the game in easy mode decreases the game points as mentioned above.

2. Medium Mode

The medium mode is the default mode of the Nerdle game and is intended to assist players who have some experience with the game but find it a little difficult to play. This mode shows a single color in a cell to help users identify whether the character is included in the equation or not.

Different colors signify the position of letters in the equation, and players can learn more about these colors from the Nerdle game's homepage.

3. Hard Mode

The hard mode of the game is the most challenging difficulty level and is suitable for experienced users who want a greater challenge. This mode does not display any color in the cells, making it more difficult for users to guess the equation correctly without any hint.

However, playing the game in hard mode comes with higher rewards, increases game points, and unlocks new achievements that are not available in the easy or medium mode.

What are the differences between a daily game, a classic game, and a practice game?

1. Daily Game

The daily challenge is a special game mode where a new challenge is provided every day. In this mode, you have to guess an equation that has been randomly generated by the nerdlegame.

You have one chance to guess the correct answer in 6 attempts, and if you get it right, you earn points.

The daily challenge is updated every day, so you can keep playing and earning points every day.

2. Classic Game

Classic Game is the traditional game mode where you can play up to ten games in a day. In each game, you are given an equation to guess within a certain time limit. You earn points for guessing the equation correctly and within the given time. You can play up to ten games in a day, and your score is collected across all the games.

3. Practice Game

A practice game is a mode designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge in a particular area. In this mode, you can play unlimited games in a day, and you are given an equation to guess. You can take your time to guess the equation, and there is no time limit.

You earn points for guessing the equation correctly. You can play as many games as you want in this mode to practice and improve your skills.


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